Dana Campagna Lanham
Strategic Marketing, Channel & Communications Executive
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Marketing has many pathways depending on the audience, their preferences and their pocketbook.  Understanding the stakeholder, and positioning your product or service to reach that audience will ultimately drive results.  Constantly monitoring their attitudes and  behavior, and adjusting your plan to fit their needs is the secret sauce to success.  4 Ps of marketing have changed through the years with new technologies and a fragmented audience, new omni-channel strategies and more ways to reach the consumer.  These are the Ps that I practice with every thing I do. 

PERCEPTION:  With consumer, customer and industry insight,  develop a competitive advantage.


> Qualitative and quantitive analysis through secondary and primary research including online and paid industry reports, focus groups, ethnography, shopper studies, product and advertising concept testing, 

> Competitive intelligence

> Trend analysis


PERSONALITY; With the optimal positioning, create an identity and develop a strategic action plan.  


> Positioning strategies

> Brand development

> Product names, tagines & communications platforms

> Retail Point-of-Sale solutions

> Integrated marketing communications

> Digital marketing  (inbound and paid)


PRODUCTIVITY: By utilizing consumer and industry knowledge, develop products to drive profitable growth and market share..


> Price determination

> Price/value Analysis

> Margin analysis

> Retail forecasting, planning & merchandising development

> Performance tracking


PARTNERSHIP: In conjunction with the strategic plan, we will identify synergistic retail, promotional and media partners 


> Retail relationship development, sales force program development

> Promotional opportunities

> Media relations, online and traditional

> Brand activation partners