Dana Campagna Lanham
Strategic Marketing, Channel & Communications Executive
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"Dana was instrumental is helping my company develop a comprehensive strategy and action plan for our entry into the retail sector. Through strong analysis, planning, product development, retail knowledge, we took a start-up and made it attractive to one of the leaders in the industry for acquisition. In a short period of time, Dana and her partner helped us create a business, develop our distribution network work closely with retailers, and help get our product developed, priced, positioned and commercialized. Over the course of almost 3 years, they managed our resources from product development, graphics and new/social media driving our business to grow exponentially within a short 18 months.   I would recommend Fun2Market. Dana and her partner, Meri for any business who is looking for leadership, strategy and creativity. They are knowledgeable, honest, trustworthy and enjoyable. I continue to work with them now, as we develop more opportunities." 
- Judd Karofsky, President, Zagwear & Zag Collectibles

"Dana was a great partner on our healthy home project. She was extremely helpful with in-home ethnography, easily connecting to individuals and identifying deep insights after her conversations. She also led our industry research and provided the team with a thorough understanding of what was available on the market and where we had an opportunity to capture unmet demand. Her positive attitude and willingness to do whatever she was asked were a great addition to the project!"

- Ann-Somers Hogg, Innovation Manager, Carolinas HealthCare


"As a senior marketing executive with Sales and Marketing responsibilities for both a B2C and B2B company,  I have frequently called on Dana's communications skills to help me craft new content for projects ranging from websites, packaging, catalogs, brochures and other selling materials. She was instrumental in helping craft a new brand strategy and naming conventaions for products and played an important role as someone I could bounce ideas off of to get a quick response. Clever, creative, insightful, Dana is a marketing professional whose skill in writing is matched by her commitment to complete assignments on time and withing budget. I offer my strong recommendation and am happy to speak with anyone about any questions you might have about her capabilities."
- Jeff Slater, General Manager, Nomaco, Inc., Raleigh, NC
"I have had the pleasure of working with Dana on several projects ranging from aquatic leisure to fantasy play products for children. Not only did Dana perform at a very high professional level, she also brought a unique and infectious sense of humor and energy to every project. Dana never shied away from a challenge, regardless of the difficulty and always delivered superior work on time every time. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Dana on past projects and look forward to working with her on future ones."
- Jeff Lawson, Marketing, Spongex, Wake Forest, NC
"Dana is an absolute joy to work with. She is experienced in the entire spectrum of marketing and product development. In addition to being incredibly creative, Dana's innovative ideas produce consistent results." 
- Kendyle Woodard, Marketing, Nomaco, Raleigh, NC
"What a lady! ...Dana is smart, quick and professional. She has a great design sense and strong knowledge of manufacturing. She understands the entire development process. From design to manufacturing she knows how to get things done. I highly recommend her services. She'll make things happen."
- Matt Nuccio, Principal, Design Edge,  Merrick, NY
"Dana is a strong marketer and true team player. She is encouraging, enthusiastic, and has a real passion for brands.  Dana always has the ability to make you feel comfortable and communicates brand needs clearly at all times. She rallies the troops needed and conveys the attitude that nothing is impossible and that as a team can make it all happen. I would be happy to be part of her team again.
- Terry Petrillo, Designer, Mattel Toys, Mt. Laurel, NJ
"I had the pleasure of working with Dana at Mattel. Her foresight early on helped them establish a strong market presence that eventually grew to a $100 million business. Dana helped foster a creative atmosphere that allowed designers to create diverse product to establish Mattel as an innovator in a new category. Her ability to work smoothly with creatives and designers, both taught the business perspective of the industry as well as met the product goals of the company. Throughout our development within this category, everyone associated with the division at that time remembers it as one of our highlight experiences of our career, much of it due to the synergy that Dana contributed to most. Her positive, supportive attitude helped inspire the designers to more successful outcomes."
-Alan Cusolito, Toy Designer, Director, Art Institute, Orange County, CA
"I enjoyed working with Dana as co-consultants to a mutual client. I was very impressed with Dana's understanding of the industry and with her ability to lead and implement a successful strategic marketing campaign while leading the client marketing team. Dana's funny, smart and hardworking and I recommend her to anyone looking to shape up their marketing strategy and product lines."  Gina Manola, Designer
"Dana is a wonderful leader, and I had the great pleasure of working with her in medical marketing. Her passion and knowledge of marketing, her curiosity and her process were infectious, I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a marketing leader."  Diane Ban, Sr. Product Manager, Jobst
"I was extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to work for such a market driven results oriented professional as Dana.Dana is a brand-builder who is able to leverage her experience and collaborative nature to quickly develop and implement integrated marketing programs that strengthen the brand while delivering exceptional results. I am both a better manager and person because of my interaction with Dana." Bud Katzmann, Product Manager, Crayola